St Patrick's Day for a Longfellon

There's something about our neighborhood that loves celebrating everything Irish, which is good for us, since gerg is practically a leprechaun. Being engaged to an Irish guy is wikked fun.

Dublin, Ireland - gerg pauses on our walk to the Jameson Distillery

Dublin, Ireland - I prepare for my Whiskey Taste Testers test at the Jameson Distillery

Naturally, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Merlin's Rest is a pub of the Isles, celebrating the UK, Scotland, and Ireland. We started our St. Pat's celebration on Friday night at Merlin's Rest . The Cottage Pie was a real treat, especially for parsnip lovers. While the fish was great, the chips were nothing special. I was glad they didn't offer corned beef and cabbage. For the record, I never once encountered corned beef and cabbage while we were in Ireland. Guiness Stew, Shepard's Pie, Bangers and Mash, Fish n' Chips, and toasted sandwiches were the most common fare in Ireland.

When I drove past Merlin's Rest on my way to work on St Patrick's Day morning at 8:30am, people were already outside talking and wearing goofy St Patrick's Day hats.

Merlin's Rest
3601 E Lake Street

On Saturday night, I saw a man walk out of McMahon's Irish Pub wearing a black tuxedo with a green sequin bow tie and top hat. He crossed the street. Then he spun on one heel and headed right back across the street and back to McMahon's. Formerly the Poodle Club, and just 6 blocks from Merlin's Rest, this place has gone all Irish, even boasting an Irish menu.

McMahon's Irish Pub
3001 E Lake Street

[where: 55406]


Melina said...

fun! John likes to pretend that we are just Italian and French even though I'M neither...I'm almost all Irish and German. However, he drinks Jameson as if he his last name were Sweeney and he eats my potato pancakes enough that I know he should probably celebrate with me!

Reetsyburger said...


Dude, being Irish is like the awesomest thing ever.

Ireland was rad. You should go there.