Ambre?? For real??

From the beginning I was pulling for Daisy. I loved her emotionalrollercoasterbaggagitude, and I liked the fact that she was short.

So color me surprised when Bret picked Ambre to be his Rock of Love 2.

Leading up to the decision I was all, "Bret! Remember how you picked Jessica last time, and she was SO boring?? We all knew Heather was perfect for you, but you played it safe with pink-haired girl! Do you really want to go there again???"

After the decision I was all, "I'm pretty surprised he played it safe again...I thought he was all about Daisy! Oh well, at least we get to see the women scorned get in a fight on the reunion episode."

Regarding Daisy and the breakup, "Holy *$%#! She's a fuggin wreck!!"

Also, I hope Angelique gets her own show. She's hilarious and terrible and I *heart* her.

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Editor said...

sweet. i'm not the only person watching that crap. i was a bit surprised to... i think it must be a set-up for rock of love III..cuz he's really trying to find love, seriously.

Reetsyburger said...

suzy - He shoulda just married Heather!