Preparing Myself for Owning Uggs

I'm SO over having cold feet in the winter. I'm SO over it.
I can barely bear the thought of having cold feet again this winter.

So I did it.

In a stylistically nightmarish move, I bought a pair of boots that are ugly and cozy.

I went with the short ones because I thought they were less ugly than the tall ones.

Will I rokk them outside of the house? Not sure.
Will I rokk them inside the house and smile about having warm feet? You betcha!

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Amy Williams said...

I'm trying to decide if I will too take the plunge. I've been trying to find cute winter boots for so long, that I might give up and go for the Uggs.

Emily said...

As long as you refrain from tucking leggings into them, you'll be fine by me.

Reetsyburger said...

I don't own leggings, Emily. No worries.

Amy - I wore them this weekend, and I loved them. My feet stayed warm, but not hot. I'm a believer, even if they are ugly.

How Does She Do It? said...

I got some fakes from Target and I honestly never want to wear another pair of shoes again. They are so wicked comfy and warm. And I wear them in public. If anyone gives me the fish eye, I will look back with an expression that says, "What? my feet are toasty and comfy, so suck on that."

How Does She Do It? said...
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