Crystal Castle(s)

Ladies and Gentleman,

In honor of Crystal Castles' show at the Triple Rock on Thursday night, I present
She Ra's Crystal Castle episode:

Crystal Castles, the band, is named after She Ra's castle, which is brilliant and rad.

My best friend when I was kid, Jenny, had the She Ra toy Crystal Castle, along with all the fun stuff that came with the castle...even the fancy She Ra bed. Her broham, Jeremy, had all the He Man and Skeletor stuff, so we did a lot of battling for the Power of Grayskull.

If you can't remember, this commercial will prolly remind you:

[where: 55454, Triple Rock, Minneapolis, Crystal Castle]

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Melina said...

jerk! I always wanted one of those and now you've reminded me how "evil" my parents are for telling me that I would be into She-Ra for a total of five seconds!! which was kinda true.