Restaurant Alma in your Kitchen!

Are you someone who enjoys the food at a few fine Minnesota restaurants?
Renewing the Countryside has got a book for you!!

Renewing the Countryside et al have been busting their butts for the past three years working on a cookbook that features 100 recipes from 38 of Minnesota's crucial chefs and restaurants who are committed to locally grown, organic, sustainable food.

I got my hands on a pre-press copy a few weeks ago, and the book is goooooorgeous. It will certainly take center stage on your coffee table and your kitchen counter before it hits the cookbook shelf. Heck, someone tried to swipe the copy I had.

Recipes come from Lucia’s, Café Brenda, Spoonriver, Heartland, New Scenic Café, Angry Trout Café, Restaurant Alma, Brasa, Bryant Lake Bowl, Barbette, Red Stag, Bayport Cookery, Birchwood Café, Hell’s Kitchen, Nosh, Heartland, New Scenic Cafe, Minwanjige Café, and several more Minnesota favorites.

Buy it here.

PS - if you love Wisconsin as much as I do, check out Renewing the Countryside - Wisconsin.

"Simply stated, 'Renewing The Countryside: Wisconsin', which is also available in a hardcover edition, should be a part of every Wisconsin school and community library -- and would ably serve as a template for similar books featuring similar efforts with respect to the rural economies and conditions in other states." - Midwest Book Review

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Minnesota Nice said...

I'm all over this, thanks!!!!!!! I love Lucia's cookbook, everything I've made out of that is amazing - this book looks awesome.

Semi-Disgruntled Bride said...

The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook sounds AWESOME. It's great that Renewing the Countryside put out such a wonderful book that showcases such great restaurants that are dedicated to sustainability.

I intern with the Eat Well Guide (, an online directory of small-scale, sustainable farms, markets, restaurants and other distributors of good, clean food throughout the US and Canada. It's a great tool to use to find sustainable food in your area.

It's great that the restaurants and cooks that are featured in the cookbook support local farmers and sustainable practices. These practices help to sustain local economies and are better for the environment. And fresh, wholesome food tastes good!

Reetsyburger said...

sandra - It's a great book. You will LOVE it!

health junkie - Thanks so much for your comments! I work in sustainable agriculture, and have met so many interesting producers, researchers and chefs who are committed to local foods. Perhaps you'd be interested in my other blog You Are Where You Eat. It's all about local foods and local vendors ( mostly restaurants ). I've actually got your group linked there!