Deez Nutz: A Bedtime Story

As told by someone on the internet, and then retold by Reetsy.........

Once upon a time, Dr. Dre was kickin' it Kansas City.
Dr. Dre was hungry, so he rolled in to the McDonald's drive thru.
He overheard a crucial conversation go down between the teller and the stooges in the car in front of him.

Stooge: "Yes, I hear the McRib is back. I'd like one of those with a milk."
Teller: "Is that all?"
Stooge: "Yes, and please add the Deez to that order, with a milk again."
Teller: "The what??"
Stooge:"The deez..."
Teller: "DEEZ???"

Dr. Dre thought this ish was HILARIOUS, so he picked it up and used it in a rhyme.

And the DEEZ NUTS prank lived happily ever after.

Comic pulled from Married to the Sea: the champage of comics.

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