Let's Grind! But not with Vegetarians.

Due to our totally awesome marriage, we are now the proud owners of a meat grinder.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that I am ready to grind!

I can just hear my brother now, "Wait a minute. Weren't you a vegetarian, like, a year ago?? And now you're grinding meat???"

To that I say, "Dude. I'm gonna go grind me some meat while you fret over my inconsistencies."

My favorite meats, since knocking the vegetarian monkey off my back, have all been sausages. Therefore, I'm thinking I'll start out by grinding pork for some fresh spicy Italian sausage.

Is anyone out there using a meat grinder? Hit me with some solid tips!!

Postscript - I still want to cook with you, vegetarians, cuz I *heart* you, even if you don't eat pork sausage.

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