Dilly Bar Showdown

I used this French Barre Dilly box in honor of Bastille Day.

I'm wild for Heath Dilly Bars, and I can imagine how I would defend the honor of a Heath Dilly Bar to a Cherry loving so-and-so.

So I'd like to see where you all stand. Which Dilly Bar reigns supreme?

[where: 55406]


Minnesota Nice said...

Heath Bar, baby.

Hey Reetsy do you have any connection to the Fresh Taste Festival coming up and do you know where a person (me) can get tix for less than $55??????? I can only stay an hour so I'm trying to get a bead on cheaper tix....thought you might have an in.

Reetsyburger said...

Not this time, my dear. I'll be paying just like everyone else if I attend.