Here's To Me, Mrs. Flanagan....

I've been absent from this blog cuz gerg and I totally got married, and we've been honeymooning! I'm back in full effect with a new last name.

Our wedding photos by the pros haven't arrived yet, but some friends and family took some pics and sent them.

My dad totally made me cry as soon as I started walking down the aisle. I had to look at the floor because everyone I looked at made me cry. I said to my dad, "Dad! I'm totally crying and I haven't even walked down the aisle yet!!"

For the record, I sobbed like a baby through the entire ceremony. I cried and cried and cried. Gerg thought it was cute. I thought it was amateurish, but then again, I've never gotten married before. Unfortunately, all of the photos of me from the ceremony and shortly thereafter are not fun cuz my face looks like a giant tomato. Of course, Gerg looks adorable, as usual.

People liked my polka dotted dress, which made me happy. The Betsey Johnsons almost killed my feet, so I slipped into my reliable pink satin pumps that I love so much for the remainder of the reception.

Apparently, the food was good. Gerg and I forgot to eat anything, aside from wedding cake, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, and celery sticks.

We had a blast. Scads of family and friends made the trip to the Heidel House Resort, and we made merry.

I'm officially a Flanagan. WORD.

The candid photos in this set from our wedding were taken by countless friends and family. 10 disposable cameras were available for people to capture images for us as well.

Post Script: We'll post the official photos to our official joint website:

[where: 55406]


Melina said...

You both look amazing. I love, love, love the polka dot wedding dress! Congrats again!

Jon said...

Tarnation that was fun! Congrats again, Reetz.

Alexis said...

Congrats and welcome back to the blogosphere! (You missed nothing.)

Been polling all the recently wedded ladies I know: why the name change?

Reetsyburger said...

melina - thanks doll! we had a great time - even if my boobs looked HUGE in my dress.

Jon - If we ever get married again, I hope you'll come again!

Alexis - The feeling of family cohesion is my primary motivation for the name change. I am thrilled to share everything with gerg and our future children, including our last name. Plus, I love hearing "Mr .and Mrs. Flanagan". Note: I will keep my maiden name for publishing purposes, as I've already published under that name.

Minnesota Nice said...