Honeycrisp Apple Season is Like Christmas

When I was a kid, I started anticipating Christmas as soon as December 1st hit the calendar. We weren't big into flashy gifts, but I still loved that time of year. Being the youngest of 7 kids, I was always pumped for my brothers and sisters to come home from college for a week to stay up late, play Scrabble, drink nog, make music, and sneak smokes after my parents went to bed.

I hype the annual "Welcome Back" celebration for the Honeycrisp Apple with almost as much pizazz. Ok, ok, my brothers and sisters are cooler than apples....HOWEVER, I scored some Zestar apples at Seward Co-op yesterday, which means Honeycrisps are getting ready to DOMINATE the scene.

I am so friggin pumped for Honeycrisp Apple season. It's just 'round the bend, and we gonna FEAST on Honeycrisps, yo.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this season! It's akin to Seinfeld's episode about the Macinaw Peaches. The orchard near me said only "mid-September" when asked when picking starts. ARGH.

Editor said...

hey beautiful!
we are still here!! we're just treading water right now. trying to remember to breathe now and then.
miss you guys! still owe you a wedding card with a lawnmower inside. i swear it will get there!!!
those apples are the shit, btw.

Reetsyburger said...

Bob - I think I'm gonna try to pick my own this year! Just need to track down a good orchard.

Suzy - OMG. I can't even imagine how busy you are!! We love you, even though you stink at giving wedding gifts. ; )

Anonymous said...

We just got our first honeycrisp apples of the season today. They are soooooo friggin' good!! They have ruined me for every other kind of apple.