Do you know what today is?

One year ago, I was sitting at my desk in Oshkosh when a bouquet arrived at my desk. The card read, "Will you be my girl friend? from gerg" Obviously, I said, "hell yeah!" Today I received another bouquet, and the card reads, "Happy anniversary! Will you be my girlfriend again? Love, gerg bot." Yes, gerg. I love being your girlfriend and living in your neck of the non-woods. Happy Anniversary, gerg! Let's stay together! *smooch*

Last night we performed our weekly hair removal ritual. It's not what you think. Lakota is a fuzz demon, and so, we must battle the hair that attacks our house. The process is layered. First, we sweep. Next, vacuum or mop. Next, use a canister vac to get the corners. Next, use the Dirt Devil on the furniture (even though he's not allowed on the furniture, his hair magically appears there). Finally, we dry AND wet Swiffer to collect the rest. Now, most of you know I'm goofy about cleaning (as in, I love a clean house). The tiered levels devoted to hair eradication were developed by gerg, and seem to do the trick.

After our weekly fuzz bust, we headed to Sweet Lorraine's. Greasy Spoon, good french fries, don't even think about trying to look for fancy stuff. Just come here for 2 eggs and toast for $2.95. Also, they have American-style Mexican food. And big plates of nachos.

Sweet Lorraine's
2403 E 38th St
Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 728-0426
I'm not surprised that I couldn't find an url or an online pic. I did find a couple of reviews though.

Liz bopped over to work with gerg and I on her film project. She needed robot noises, so we headed down to Love Field , and made some noise. cBass was solicited for a robot-like sound track, which he accomplished toute suite. We drank red wine during the process.


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gerg said...

Filter - Forward to foureyes - delete.