Drat. I missed Hip Hop for a New Shower Head!

Wednesday night I stopped to pick up red and yellow bell peppers for surprise fajitas; gerg had chicken fajitas, I had shrimp. I used our red Kitchenaid divided skillet to separate our fajitas fixins. Chicken on one side, shrimp on the other! fantastic pan!

As I walked back to my car with peppers in hand, I distinctly heard "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!" in a Santa voice. I whipped around to see if Santa was hanging in the Lake Street Rainbow parking lot, or sumpin. I looked all around. No sign of Santa anywhere! Not at Wendy's, not at that Chinese Restaurant, not at Denney's, not at the Schooner (well, it might have been someone INSIDE the the Schooner). Help! I'm hearing Santa voices!

After fajitas, gerg and I headed to Home Depot to search for a new shower surround and fixtures. We had intended to buy tiles, but the price wasn't right for nice tiles, and the surrounds were cooler than we thought they'd be. I love our new shower head! Then we used that closet design program to determine the layout for the bedroom closets. I fell asleep on his shoulder while he worked on the design. Shower should be complete by the time we head to NYC next week.

In a land of indie rokkers, techno freaks, and granola music lovers, I am a rhymes, rap, Hip Hop Countdown girl. Now, that's not to say that there aren't a lot of legitimate hip hop/rap lovers here, cuz there are, but I don't know many of them. I'm the girl who loves the bling, fashion, talk, walk, hair, grillz, and everything that goes along with hip pop culture, even MTV2 style. I'm even interested in Flav's love life. Some "legitimate" rap lovers would call me a fool. Screw them! Anywho, every year I look forward to the variety of hip hop awards shows. I just caught some of the Hip Hop Honors on VH1 on Tuesday. They honored Eazy-E. Bumming cuz I missed the Hip Hop Awards on BET Wednesday night, which kind of bummed me out. I'll catch a rerun, I'm sure cuz I just gotta see the Prince/Stevie Wonder/India.Arie/Yolanda Adams/Chaka Khan, Snoop, and Luda performances.

Thursday night was a hoot and the King & I thai joint on LaSalle. They have tasty food, and a great bar menu. Even mock duck egg rolls for the veggies out there! Liz and I had arranged a date to meet there. Turned out to be a small gathering, as each of us invited others to join without having consulted one another. Needless to say, niether of us were disappointed with the AWXUM turnout of D+D, Deedot and pinkpanther (photo swiped from the Hermans), and Liz and her entourage. DJ Croix (?) laid some smoov beats, jazzy/FUNKy stuff perfect for sipping cocktails and reminiscing about the "old days" when rave parties lasted 4 days, and sleep was a waste of time. Remember when Daft Punk played at Even Furthur in 1996? Nuts!

Go talk about the good times!
King and I Thai
1346 LaSalle Ave
Mpls, MN

PS - Actually, sometimes I still resent having to sleep.

Looking forward to a replay of the Hip Hop Awards and Terry Mullan at Foundation Friday night and another PACKER VICTORY this weekend!

Here's the scoop on the Foundation event.


It's not often that I post links completely unrelated to my life, but this pool is so cool, I just had to share it.

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Yavorrrrrr said...

You have to see the closet organizers made by White Home Products... very cool stuff!