November Nights

I started my weekend off on the wrong foot! Too bad for me because, to put it bluntly, I was the MONSTER of my own destiny this weekend. That's not to say I didn't have fun times, cuz I did, and I'm about to review the haps. The bottom line this weekend was the two-way street of trust and honesty. I'd rather know the truth than assume. Honesty is a bigger expectation than I realized. I give a lot of people credit for trying to be as honest as they can be. I know this much: I love my friends and I love gerg.

Enough introspection and onto the events! Friday night gerg and I met up with Sarah and Reed at the Bulldog to discuss arrangements for dog-sitting over the Thanksgiving holiday. Big ups to Brad, Reed and Sarah, and Paula and John for helping us out. We certainly appreciate it. I skipped food and opted for 2 glasses of Stella Artois. The Bulldog has big burgers and tater tots by the basket. Check this place out for drinks and good bar chow. Reed munched a Reuben, Sarah a cheeseburger, and gerg opted for a Caesar salad (with tots, of course).

401 E. Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 378-2855

Late night activity included a lightrail ride downtown to check out the Terry Mullan event at Foundation. I lifted this photo from IIII cuz unfortunately, our camera died, so no photos from us. The event was a blast. Some highlights for me included the girl we affectionately referred to as "hooker dancer" who was all over the dancefloor, pinkpanther's rainbow striped sweater, the VIP area scored by jana, somebody's crunk cup, the striped sisters (one in a tube top), the green lasers, and naturally THE MUSIC. Terry Mullan!!! At one point the fire alarms were sounding, prolly due to too much fog. Gerg pointed it out to me, and at first I assumed they were just strobe lights since the alarm sound was practically identical to the track that was playing.

Saturday morning, gerg and I discussed the camera situation and decided we needed a new one after discovering ours would run about $200 to repair. We headed to National Camera and were pleased with the service and deal we received. We chose the Nikon Coolpix L5. It's small enough to fit in the pocket, but has a 5x zoom. Also, it uses double As rather than lithium, which works for us, since our previous camera used double As. So far, so good. A cool feature of this camera is the vibration reduction, which makes a huge difference in low light.

Our sexy, new camera.

Saturday night, Dave and Dre, pinkpanther and Deedot, and gerg and I settled down at our house for a night of "not spending money". All brought booze and made some food to share, and ended up with feast! I was especially fond of gerg's blueberry and peach crisp. Then played some Beyond Balderdash ,sipped cocktails, and played with our cameras and pinkpanther's new Mac. A brief appearance was made by seville, brandi, and cBass. I was little tipsy by this point, but it seemed they were only at the party for a minute! (Friends! Next time, stay longer! Party harder! We love having guests!)

Sunday was punctuated by a disappointing Packer loss. Managed to catch a rerun of the BET Hip Hop awards, and didn't see any of the performances I was hoping to catch: Snoop, Stevie Wonder, etc. I guess they cut out the stuff I wanted to see for the shortened rerun? Who knows. I did, however, get to see Delicious's mermaid dress! Pretty disappointed by the lack of female representation on the awards. Missy Elliot should never be ignored. Believe dat!

Looking forward to a short work week, and then we board our plane at 6am on Wednesday! I'm gonna wake up in the city that doesn't sleep!!!


Anonymous said...

that camera is dead sexy.

Anonymous said...

The fire alarms were set-off by a pot smoking hippy-friend of Jana's. Silly dready.