Bashing Balzaks in Green Bay

So this past weekend, we played golf in the Annual Balzak Classic golf tournament at The Woods in Green Bay, WI. I won a prize for the ladies' longest drive, but I forgot to collect said prize. I'm more concerned with the title than the loot anyway. gerg's team took 2nd! HECK YES!

I couldn't find my camera when I was playing golf, so I concluded that I left it in the car. Later I discovered it WAS in my golf bag the whole time! *rrrrrrrr* After we found it, gerg dropped it, and it stopped working for awhile. Now it's all good.

So anyway, the whole tournament is basically a gigantic get wasted festival with shots and cocktails before, during, and after the outing. Needless to say, by the time everyone arrives at the night-time party, most have been drunk at least once already that day, and most have sunburned noses.

It was AWESOME jamming with my Wisco friends. atrain and sarah were both heavily intoxicated and showing me love, which was CRUCIAL, since they are, like, the best girl friends EVA!! I was also happy to party with my broham, MarkMartin. He is the RAD.

We heard some crucial music at the party:
09:15-10:00 rfbutter
10:00-10:30 The Active Ingredients
10:30-11:30 Hecubus
11:30-12:30 PrettyTony
12:30-01:30 Michael John

We danced and gabbed. People were dancin like fools. Serious fools. gerg and I cut a rug!! My sunglasses were a hit. I kept telling people I was wearing them to increase my optimism. Most of them just looked at me like, "HUH? *hiccup*"


Best moustache: Lepp.

Best air punching: Ese

Best shades: me

Best breakfast dates at Julie's Cafe: sarah, MarkMartin, velevetgentleman, gerg

Best offensive tank-style underwear shirt: joshherman (click on photo too see a larger version of the offensiveness)

This dude, Don, approached me about 12 times claiming that we made out in his bedroom when I was roomies with Beth VasOss. I was never roomies with Beth. So I kept saying stuff like, "Dude, whatever chubby-cheeked bitch you made out with wasn't me. I may not remember names, but I remember faces." And then he'd get all pouty because I didn't remember, and then he'd tell me how awesome I was, and I would agree with him that I was awesome, and tell him to buzz off. Then he'd ask if he could try on my glasses. And then 5 minutes later he'd come up and say, "I can't believe you don't remember! It was when you lived with Beth!" And I'd have to remind him, again, "Dude. Shut up. It wasn't me. You're about to end up on my shit list." I almost had gerg kick his ass, but then I remembered that I didn't really give a rip cuz he made me laugh.

other pics from the night

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun day/night! I can't believe you do not remember making out with Don. *sheesh* ;)