Centennial Park - Where it's Hip to be Sqaure

I've got to get my short game in shape for the annual Balzak Classic golf tournament in Green Bay, WI this weekend. My major competition for the women's prizes at this event has traditionally been Beth. Rumor has it that Beth is out with a bun in the oven. Congrats to her!

I figure this is my opportunity to rokk it at the Balzak. SWEEP!!

Last year I rokked it so hard, I ended up with an upside down footprint on my skirt.

So gerg and I headed to Centennial Lakes Park last night to brush up on our short game so as to DOMINATE at the Balzak this weekend. They have a putting course there that is wikked tricky. Regarding the putting course: "Centennial Lakes Park's 18 manicured bent grass greens range in length from 57 to 125 feet and are surrounded by sand traps, ponds, boulders and planter beds. Players use only a putter to negotiate these heavily undulated greens. This par 51 layout is 1662 feet in length and takes approximately an hour and 45 minutes to play."

The putting course kicked my butt, and didn't contribute to my confidence in my short game. I think I was distracted by the sqaureness of the place; I felt like a sore thumb among a handful of well manicured nails there. I guess I'll never live in Edina. HOWEVER - I definitely intend to hit their sensationally groomed croquet and lawn bowling courses this summer.

As for the Balzak, I do intend to bring it, but I'll be amazed if I sink a putt longer than 3 feet. *sheesh*

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