Hibernia Highlights

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So basically, our trip to Ireland was THE RAD.

There are too many awesome details to cover, so I'm gonna share some of my wikked cool highlights. I reckon I'll continue to mention bits about the Emerald Isle in later entries, but these are my highlights from Hibernia. Click on any of the photos to see a larger version. If you have time, the links are loaded with more images and information. We spent 12 days touring. It was cold for the first week (like 50 degrees), and warmer the second. gerg and I shared a vehicle with his sis, Kari, and her hubby Jim. Gerg's parents and aunt and uncle, (Bev and Ken) shared the other vehicle. Friends Jen and Euchre joined us in a third vehicle.

Staying in Temple Bar, Dublin was an eye-opener, despite jet-lag. Staying out late. Shopping for high heels. Getting lost. Getting hailed on. Lots of sites within walking distance of Temple Bar, including the Guiness Storehouse, Jameson Distillery, the Book of Kells, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Brazen Head (Ireland's oldest pub), and the Ha'Penny Bridge.

Becoming a certified whiskey taster at the Jameson Distillery. I have a certificate and all that jazz. That means I drank a bunch of shots. I made a sour face when I had to drink JW Red Label. Ew.

Visiting the Dingle Pennisula was an adventure due to stormy conditions and mountain roads. Still, it was eerie and totally cool. The waterfalls running down the sides of the road were a bit freaky.

Tiny sinks. These run rampant in Ireland's pubs. Either that, or my hands grew.

Playing golf at Connemara Championship Golf Links. The first time I've played on a course without trees.

Visiting the Burren and the Poulnabrone portal tomb. The tombs here are so old, you feel wierd and kind of lame in the scheme of things.

Drinking a pints at The King's Head. The gent who opened this place in 1649 was rumored to be the man who beheaded King Charles I! We also ate here. The food there isn't worth mentioning, as is the case with most of Ireland.

The Xanax Trio. They first grabbed my attention at OHare cuz they were discussing Xanax for the plane ride complaining about generic versions of the benzodiazepine. We spotted them again at Blarney Castle and again in Killarney. It was fun making up hilarious tales about the Xanax Trio....What sort of adventures did they have? How many pills had they popped?

Stopping for sheep to cross the road. Sheep run this country, or at least run all over it. Best be paying attention on those rural routes unless you want wool in your grill!

Eating foreign candy. I liked the Galaxy Bar. It was just like Dove Chocolate. Not gourmet, but melty and good. gerg liked the Catch bar. Not surprising since he's such a catch! *insert sound of his sister Kari gagging here*

Finding a pair of leopard print peeptoe pumps in Galway. Two new lines of shoes that I fell for: Firetrap and Fly.

Mounting Blarney Castle. Despite all the various local rumors and stories about the blarney stone, gerg kissed it. I didn't.

Drinking pints with gerg's family every night. Hearing stories about gerg as a kid, and laughing at each other's Guiness moustaches.

Seeing rhododendron EVERYWHERE. Gigantic bushes of vibrant blossoms. The blossoming patches along Galway Bay towards Clifden were simply crucial.

Seeing Loop Head on a gloriously sunny day.

Receiving a crucial claddagh ring from gerg. He bought it at Fallers Jewelers in Galway.

Drinking with, talking with, listening to local musicians at the pubs and on the street. We recorded some Irish musical FLAVA. Found these chaps at a pub in Ennis, with Christy McNamara on the push-button accordian.

Taking photos of Ireland is way too easy!! Check out our collection from Ireland by clicking here. We still need to label the photos and organize them. We will do so soon.


Hedy De Vine said...

I'm glad you didn't kiss the blarney stone. That's gross.

Now that you're back, you should join some of the local bloggers for musical bingo sometime!

Jon said...

I bet those shoes will match your leopard print coat quite nicely!

Anonymous said...

In the trio's defense, Xanax is some pretty fucking great shit...MAN.

Reetsyburger said...

Hedy - I sukk at bingo. However, I love musicals. Last night I had a dream that I was playing Billie Hoilday in a musical review on broadway. There are so many things wrong with that.

Jon - gerg and I were talking about that, and I said I didn't think I could pull off the jersey girl look, despite my desire to do so. He said, "but it's always been your dream." And I said I was beginning to dread that I was nothing more a drag queen trapped in a woman's body.

David - We believe we saw two of them hooking up in Killarney, so they must've found magic in them there pillz!

Andrea said...

MARIE--I can't wait to hear more from you. This gets me so excited for our adventure. See you tonight...be prepared for a hug and a smack on the lips :).

Ranty said...


Reetsyburger said...

andrea - that huge hug and smack on the lips was worth the wait! Wish you could've hit the beach with us on Sunday!

ranty - Thanks! I rokked them all weekend, even on the motorcycle.

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