A New Arrival! I Shoulda' Baked a Cake!

This is a re-post. The first version was WHACK.

So after some rainy golfing on Wednesday, we bopped over to the MOA. First, I engaged in my favorite mall activities: looking at shoes and sampling parfums. Somehow, I spent a bunch of money on something, so I could make neither shoe nor parfum nor eau de toilette related purchases. BOO! HISS! Then we moved on the Apple Store where gerg made a special purchase.

Welcome to our house 15-inch Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro. You are nice looking, in a non-human way.

gerg's been hankerin for a new laptop, and since he recently landed a new freelance web gig, we both agreed it was a good idea for him to wield some new, sexy power in the form of a mac laptop. I spent maybe an hour with it last night. I like how fast it is. I like the mac-style features. I like the portable theatre feature, the illuminated keyboard, the built in iSight camera, and I like the voice commands. gerg thinks it's the wikked coolness.

We also grabbed a 30g video iPod. Dude gave us a mail-in rebate for this bad boy, so we only paid $50 for it. HOLLAR!!! I stole this photo from the interweb. "Lost" ain't my thang.

Continuing, we scored a new Photosmart printer, which will be totally FREE after another rebate. HELL YEAH!

The Photosmart is, like, half the size of our current printer, which I appreciate, because our current printer annoys me with its girth. TOO BIG, says I.

Honestly, 90% of what I print out is google maps anyway because getting lost ain't charming to me. I'm thinking a GPS for the Passat is in order.


Anonymous said...


My-T-Sharp! Welcome to the brotherhood. Your decoder ring and overwhelming sense of computing superiority are in the mail. ;)

gerg said...

I've practiced scoffing at myself in the mirror while I use my pc. Is the correct look that of pity or disappointment?

Anonymous said...

It's really disappity. But also with an aire of knowing better. So like the way a person with a pilot's license might looks at a dumbass with an SUV driving cross country...as if to say, "i might have paid a little extra for this, but look at what it gets me!"

Reetsyburger said...

I like that gerg can talk to his computer.

gerg said...

Computer, What time is it?

Anonymous said...


Reetsyburger said...

Just got a new Canon Powershot S5 IS for our office. Man, this is a NICE camera.

Anonymous said...

watch out for the E18. That is the same model (different mps) we had at aBt that I had to send in for repair 3 times. *kicks dirt* DON'T TOUCH THE LENS