Trombone and Kegger Party on our Deck!!

This weekend we'll be hanging with my family in Wisco.

I'm amped to tell my dad about all the projects we've rokked this spring.

He visited for a week back in December and showed much love to our house.

During that week Gerg and my dad took time off from their daily routines and worked on projects pertaining to our house (in addition to acting like goofballs).

When I was a youngin, my dad imparted great gypsy-style wisdom. For instance, life's recipe should consist of 1 part acting goofy and 1 part getting shit done. It should also contain coffee, jumping out at people from around corners, oatmeal, dark chocolate, dancing, old fashioneds, and trombones.

Taking this recipe to heart, during the winter of 2006-07, gerg and I had daydreams of cookouts on a deck with keggers, trombones, and dance parties, so we decided to rokk it.

First step, patio door installation.
Second step, deck installation.
Third step, kegger trombone party.

First, there was a window, and this window was used for pretty much nothing except window-type stuff.

"Hmmmm...I wonder if this button will teletransport me to Town Talk??"

Say hello to a gigantic hole in our wall. This gigantic hole made a mess in the kitchen. I bitched at the hole. The hole did nothing.

T.Rex never had it so good!

Patio door installed!!! One step closer to kegs and trombones! (check out the sweet shot of gerg's crucial mitre saw!)

Stay tuned for hot deck installation photos.

We'll invite my dad to the deck, kegger, trombone dance party FO SHO. He'll lead the bunny hop parade, as usual.


Minnesota Nice said...

I loves me some before/after home improvement pics, awesome. I must live near you, we eat at the same places, I especially love Midori's, and I live 3 blocks from Al Vento...

Aliecat said...

Hey there, had to go privates with the bloggy, send me an e-mail at if you are interested in reading...

Reetsyburger said...

sandra - I used to like Midori's better than I do seems like their service has gotten slower and sloppier. Have you noticed?

aliecat - WORD

Minnesota Nice said...

YES and I think Alie would agree, the last time I was there, we waited nearly an hour and a half just for the Sushi Jo dinner. That's bad because then I just end up tipping back more Sapporos than what's good for me.

Reetsyburger said...

sandra - I end up saying shit like, "How long can it take to make sushi?? It's RAW!"

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