365 Days Later

1 year ago today, I moved to Minneapolis.
In the Corsica jam-packed with plants, shoes, and books, I made my way to Longfellow.

1 year later, I am grateful.

I love living with gerg.
I love my new career.
I love my new Passat.
I love chatting with band guys in our garage and drinking PBR.
I love cookouts with Sarah and Reed.
I love all outings involving art/plants/booze/music with IIII and Dre.
I love motorcycle rides on the Lake Road.
I love Deedot's blondness. I love Michelle's sass.
I love cocktails with Liz and I love her red jeans.
I love paula's ever-changing hair.
I love Wednesday dinners with Bobbi, Lotus, and crew.
I love using power tools.
I love wandering around my neighborhood while talking on my cell phone.
I love the shoe section at Macy's.

Even though I am grateful, there are some things I miss about living in Wisco.

I miss chopping vegetables with Alicia.
I miss sunbathing with Shanny.
I miss prowling for *anything* with Crystal.
I miss playing golf with joshherman.
I miss checking out DJ Hecubus at the Lounge.
I miss Thursday night dates with crowhead.
I miss the JazzOrgy.
I miss being introduced as MarkMartin's sister.
I miss eating Mexican food with Kurt.
I miss watching ALL the Packer games, and I miss the Packer parties.
I miss shopping at TJMax with Sarah.
I miss cheap drinks.
I miss the EAA Fly In.

The good news is that in the scheme of things, the commute home is short, and so I still can experience the things I miss about Wisco without living there.

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Anonymous said...

You are lovely! I am sure my wife would cry if she would read this entry. ;)

Reetsyburger said...

josh - hahaha - Your wife just emailed me and told me she cried when she read it.

Anonymous said...

aww, i miss you lady!
i'm going to Macy's with you in mind