M.I.A. Coming Back with POWER!!

Check out this edition of Morning Eclectic!

M.I.A. appears with live performances (audio/video) of her new songs from her release, Kala!!

"We all got bird flu!"

M.I.A Coming Back with POWER!!

I can't stop thinking about how RAD it would be to be in the studio.

And thanks for the heads up, Die Monster!


Anonymous said...

I have Kala if you want it.

PS. She's batshit crazy:


Reetsyburger said...

David Foureyes - hahaha
"I'm only here on a year visa, so if you could just advertise, I'm looking for a husband."

Anonymous said...

Potential suitors be warned: She insinuated her last boyfriend was sticking it to Brazillian strippers/prostitutes on her myspace page when she was upset he didn't come visit her in Trinidad.

Diplo loves favella and bailefunk, but I don't he rolls liek that.