U B DA JUDGE: New Eyes for the Drummer Guy

Since gerg's eyesight is wikked terrible, his glasses are featured on his face from waking up until he passes out.

He's been sampling frames for a new look. Obviously, since he can't see shit without his glasses on, he can't see how the new frames look on his face. THUS, we take photos of the new frames on his face, so he can later view the photos whilst wearing his current glasses. Bonnie at Specs always gives us mega options, cuz she loves our smiling faces.

In my last U BE DA JUDGE, y'all helped me select new green sneakers for Hibernia.

U BA DA JUDGE on gerg's set of possible new frames. Which ones are hits?

Electric Avenue

She Blinded Me With Science

We Didn't Start the Fire

You Belong to the City

Not Fade Away

The Egg Man

[where: 55406]


Minnesota Nice said...

Put me down for Not Fade Away, they're real sweet.

Melina said...

Not Fade Away gets my vote too...

Anonymous said...

We Didn't Start the Fire
or Not Fade Away or possibly You Belong to the City

Anonymous said...

I vote for Not Fade Away or You Belong to the City.

Reetsyburger said...

gerg, you're adorable.

Also, I like we didn't start the fire.

Jon said...

You Belong to the City.

Missy said...

we didn't start the fire...though I just fell upon your blog and know nothing of this man's personality!

Reetsyburger said...

missy - welcome! thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

omg did i miss this?
WE DIDNT Start the fire!!!


(ps, i still forget my log in for this. oops)