Sneaking Around

My new sneakers make me smile. I think they're sneak-tastic. I picked them up at Robert's Shoe Store on E Lake Street.

photo by Neil Coleman

The shoes were released in June 2007, as part of Nike's new Air Force 1 City Series. I bought them cuz they are awesome and perfect for sneaking.

Nike Air Force 1
Lowtop Supreme - New York City Edition [ Rosie's Dry Goods ]


Item Description: Rosie’s Dry Goods

The basketball footwear in the New York collection evince the flash and showmanship of the Big Apple’s best ballers and its courts. For these athletes, Nike created AF1s as sophisticated as they are strong, and as smooth as they are sturdy. To symbolize this combination, the NYC shoes draw upon the inspiration of Patterson Square, Rosie’s Dry Goods and the Gauchos. Graphic highlights celebrate these New York institutions with roses and a thorn ball signifying Rosie’s, CHOZ ’78 commemorates the Gauchos’ inaugural year in the AAU program and a design pulled straight from the Patterson Square backboard is a tribute to that legendary court. The XXVth Anniversary AF1 Box is Neutral-Grey with white accents(swoosh and AF1 logo). The lace medallion has been updated as well. And we can't forget the Air Force One XXVth anniversary card of authenticity a collectors dream!


* Alligator Swoosh
* Rosie Dry Goods Crocs
* Air Force One 25th Anniversary card of authenticity
* New Medallion
* Soft Leather

The shoes came with a medallion, which was a little OTT...even for ME! I put the medallion in my jewelry box.

[where: 55406]


Minnesota Nice said...

I never thought of having pink and yellow laces together - I heart that!

Ranty said...

Hawt-sneakidy-dawg, those shoes are sweet! And you got them at Roberts... aww!*

*The bldg is owned by a Greek-American, or, as the GS would say: a "GA."

So we are obviously required by the-unwritten-law-of-hellenic-brotherhood to love it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Stylin'! Those are awesome.

Reetsyburger said...

Thanks ladies! I'm loving these sneakers.

Ranty - I always wanted to shop there. I was happy with the selection.