Riding Superman: It was Worth the Wait

We rokked 6 Flags Great America for gerg's b-day this year.
We waited 2.5 hours in line to get the front row on Superman. It was worth the wait.
But a decision was made: never again will we go to Great America on a Saturday.

We sat in the very back row of Raging Bull, taking the advice of roller coaster enthusiast, cBass. Apparently the back row offers more "off your seat" action than a lot of other coasters out there. I know the whole ride pretty much freaked my establishment. First, I thought my face would fall off. Then, I thought I would die. Then, I yelled "HOLY SHIT!" Meanwhile gerg is next to me with his arms in the air laughing....This wasn't my first trip on Raging Bull, but it was my first time being terrorized by the back row.

Great America is a great experience in carnival-fabulous fashion. I learned a lot for my fall wardrobe, and let me tell you, new MEGAcolorful sneakers are in my future.

[where: 55406]


Anonymous said...

Advise from veteran: Tuesdays are your day. We went on a Tuesday with Brian, Court, Jason and Jenny last year, and the longest we waited for anything was probably 20 minutes (for back row of raging bull and giant drop). Mondays are good too, but not AS good.

That was a fun weekend, Kanye West was at our hotel. He wore an argile sweater in January.

Anonymous said...

January!? July!

Reetsyburger said...

Argyle in JULY?!?!

I'm suspicious.

Anonymous said...

He's a rapper. Apparently anything goes. He raps you know.

The thing that made no sense to me was, he's from there...why is he staying in the James? Doesn't he have the fanciest loft on the Lake?