Deck, Deck Baby

Earlier this summer we installed a sliding patio door off the kitchen and into the backyard.

The patio door rules, and we are totally loving it.

We are nearing completion on our deck! Kegger and Trombone party is getting closer!! I can hear it!! It sounds like progged out John Phillips Sousa marches with double bass drum pedals.

Also, I have deck-building notes!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!

Note: I finally found the love of a lifetime. Yes, he WAS a member of the Krispy Kreme foosball team.

Note: Trex decking looks great and Trex is a good "green" choice.

However, it can't be used for framing. If you use it for framing, you will call customer service and they will tell you to rip it all down and start over. *ahem*

Note: Building a deck requires a lot of screws. Composite decking requires special composite screws. We didn't learn that the hard way either *ahem*.

Note: Battery powered drills are essential. We used three. Each of these hanging brackets requires 8 screws (4 on each side). I spent most of my weekend crawling around on the ground drilling 400+ screws into brackets.

Note: It's hip to be square. Square everything. Every single joint.

Note: Even though your betrothed's dog makes you feel insane sometimes, sometimes he can be pretty cute.

Note: Dirty knees done dirt cheap.

Note (from gerg):
"Hey, baby, if you're feelin' down,
I know whats good for you all day!
Are you worried what your friends see?
Will it ruin your reputation lovin' me?

Cuz I'm a dirty white boy!
Yeah a dirty white boy!
A dirty white boy!"

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Ranty said...

Wow, great job!!!

Sounds like you worked well together on this project too... something I cannot say about the GS and myself when we built our deck - thought we'd kill each other! (The decked turned out okay though.) :-)

Anonymous said...

I am having a sliding patio door installed and Andersen said they couldn't do it until I'd built the deck! Some crap about the St. Paul building code. So I called the planner's office and they said the same thing. My deck is tiny because I wasn't prepared for this prerequisite and just needed to get something in so they would install my door. Deck is almost done and the door installation is scheduled for 10/1. Did you install the door yourself?

Minnesota Nice said...

That dog is part Collie, am I right?

Reetsyburger said...

ranty - we survived! maybe that's why gerg asked me to marry him - so I wouldn't kill him during the deck process.

kristen - Yes, we installed our patio door ourselves.

sandra - I've been told that he's half German Shepard and half Golden Retriever. He's 100% insane.