The Honor is all Mine!

I'm honored, TRULY honored, to be able to attend this amazing event.

The opportunity for a private cooking demonstration featuring Sous Chef Mike Camp from La Belle Vie isn't something that passes by my table any day of the week. The dinner includes: cooking demonstration, five-course dinner and wine pairing.

The menu:

* Smoked Salmon Carpaccio with Citrus Vinaigrette and Candied Lemon
* Sauteed Skate Wing with Jerusalem Artichoke, Trout Roe and Cipollini Onion
* Roasted Duck Breast with Duck Confit, Porcini and Sweet Corn
* Grilled Ribeye with Lyonaisse Potato Cake, Baby Turnips and Carrot
* Gianduja Rice-Crispy with Hazelnut Nougatine and Avocado

Now, as some of you may have read, I am currently a pescetarian who is considering eating land animals I'm wondering if this is the time and place.I've vowed that my land animal consumption will reflect my belief in the sustainable production of meat. What say you?

[where: 55406]


Anonymous said...

You should be more concered about where the skate wing comes from since most skate is a big no-no from a sustainability standpoint

Reetsyburger said...

Thanks for the info about skate, david foureyes. In normal circumstances, I would definitely bypass this dish. But I'm just not sure how to proceed with this event.

Because I want to adhere to sustainable fish/seafood production practices, my ability to eat meat prepared at a restaurant has been limited. That will continue to be the case as I move on with land animals.

Is it rude to ask the origins of meats served at a restaurant? I have asked on occasion, although I usually just don't bother ordering it if I do.

If I learn that the meat is not sustainably produced at this event, is it rude for me to decline the dish?

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, marie.

Definitely not rude. I ask if foods are local all the time.

Anonymous said...

Wahoo. I'm excited about this event. I think you should meat it up...then again, if you don't, there's more for us! So, win win either way:)

MarkMartin57 said...

surely the Sous Chef Mike Camp from La Belle Vie chooses only the finest sustainable meat ingredients

and presumably the event planners can get the answer for you

this is the best I could find:

"To learn more about these events, contact Sara Shaw at 612.277.0221 or e-mail"

Anonymous said...

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