I Chewed the Meat and Swallowed it

After 13 years of imbibing various non-meats and fish, I ate both bird and beast on Monday night at the People Serving People event in Minneapolis. Yes, I did it. 11 of 13 polled people agreed that I'd be crazy not to. PLUS, I wanted to give it a whirl.

The mammal I ate was a cow. The cut was a ribeye. At first when it was served to me, I wasn't sure if I would try it. Fortunately, my friends at the table were far too tempted by their own delicious plates to worry about me, so it was a low pressure situation.

With no one looking, I cut a tiny bit off the very edge and nibbled it. I didn't get sick. The flavor reminded me of a steak that I ate at the Old Courthouse Inn in West Bend, WI when I was 15. The texture was slightly overwhelming, since I hadn't experienced it in quite some time, so I gave the rest of my portion to gerg.

I've been waiting to receive clarification regarding the producer of the beef, and am in the midst of phone calls with La Belle Vie's beef distributor. When I get the info, I'll post it here.


The fowl was a duck. The cut was breast. I had never eaten duck before, and therefore could not compare it to previous experiences. I cut a tiny bit off the very edge and nibbled it. It was crispy and flavorful.

La Belle Vie's duck producer is located in Southern Minnesota. Although Sous Chef Mike Camp prepared our dinner, Chef-Owner Tim McKee gave me the information about the duck, and explained that he was "proud of the supplier". And I told him I'd mention that.

When we got home after eating on Monday night, I was more ticklish than usual. Other than that, I felt foine.

Just like that, I'm no longer a pescetarian (good thing too because I LOATHE that term). I know my fowl and mammal intake will be limited as I make the leap back to land. It's cool though, cuz, you know, I got it like that.

PS - kisses to shortcake

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