I'm a taste tester...I'm a taste tester...watchin tests go by.

About six months ago, I started participating on paid, blind taste test panels.

Now, it's not totally random. I had to take prelims in order to qualify, and I've gone through weeks of training to better understand the "complexities of aroma and flavor." Panelists should be able to detect trace amounts of fresh cream, malt, salt, or soy by aroma and flavor. I can now tell the difference between astringency and chalkiness, which I find cool for some reason.

I know! It sounds exciting, but it's not like I get to sample bbq pulled pork or bing cherries everyday.

For instance, for the past 3 months, I've been participating in a blind taste test study in which we scale vanilla flavored nutritional beverages.

Looks appetizing, right!!??? 3-4 days per week, I smell, sip, and spit countless cups of white, milky, vanilla stuff. Not exactly thrilling.

But all of this work has finally paid off, ladies and gentlemen. Because the dream has finally come true..........


...............I've been selected to sit on a CHEESE TASTE TEST PANEL!
That's right. I'm getting paid to eat cheese.


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Anonymous said...

I found your website randomly, how do you get invovled with taste testing? Sounds cool. Also, I saw your other websites and it sounds like you know a lot about food/restraunts, any ideas for good places to eat in stillwater, mn? Thanks :)

Reetsyburger said...

Anonymous - thanks for reading and commenting!

I was recruited as a taste tester, and I was trained by that same sensory center that recruited me. I suppose your best bet would be to work with or for a company that is engaged in product development. Northland Laboratories in IL accepts applications online (https://profile.tastetester.com/Default.aspx).

I just returned from a trip to Stillwater, and I can recommend the nachos at Nacho Mama's. I've heard very good things about Savories European Bistro. I've also read some enthusiastic reviews of Tim McKee's new BBQ joint, Smalley’s Caribbean Barbecue. After a nice stroll down the river walk, I suggest a stop at the Freight House for a Freight House Pilsner - it's a hand-crafted brew made exclusively for the
Freight House Restaurant by August Schell Brewing Co.

Cheers n Beers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help and advice on places in Stillwater! I saw the Savories website and had thought about going there so maybe we'll check it out along with the other places you mentioned.

Reetsyburger said...

Anonymous - If you hit Smalley’s Caribbean Barbecue, please let me know your thoughts.

Melina said...

that's awesome, keep living the dream!

Emily said...

I'm insanely jealous, though I supposed you've earned it after all that other tasting.

Reetsyburger said...

Melina - Word! I hope I don't get sick of eating cheese!

Emily - Seriously, the vanilla beverage tests were definitely a bit much. I haven't wanted vanilla ice cream in weeks.