Believe in Something that cannot be Proven? You're not the only one.

Jim Walsh shared the following bit with CityPage's readers today. asked a bunch of scientists: "What do you believe is true even though you can't prove it?""target="new"

Some of my favorite answers:

James O'Donnell: "Everything...all the things I 'know' are only propositions that I have not yet falsified."

TOR NĂ˜RRETRANDERS: "I believe in belief—or rather: I have faith in having faith. Yet, I am an atheist (or a "bright" as some would have it). How can that be?"

David Buss: "I've studied mate poachers, obsessed stalkers, sexual predators, and spouse murderers. But throughout this exploration of the dark dimensions of human mating, I've remained unwavering in my belief in true love."

Do you believe in something that cannot be proven? Please share!

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