This Bodum Travel Press

So gerg bought a Bodum travel press for me for the holiday season...I know the travel presses have been around for awhile (we've always had the standard french press for coffee), but I won't mask how thrilled I am about this little travel press just because I've discovered it late. Better than never!!

Bodum Travel Press!!

I've been using it for tea more than coffee, I admit.

gerg scooped up some mango green tea from Clicquot Club Cafe, which I've been sipping for a week or so...I toss a tablespoon of loose tea or coffee grounds in the cup, add the hot water, and have instant fresh pressed tea or coffee.

It holds 12 oz, and the double walled action provides fairly adequate insulation - the stainless varietal surely keeps it hotter longer (that's not a huge concern for me). The neato drinking lid has a cool flippy thingy that prevent spills. It fits in the cupholder in my car and it's dishwasher safe.

Great gift!

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