As if I need another reason to eat!!

A new Greek restaurant just moved into our neighborhood about a month ago.

It's called Calypso - Greek Fusion Cuisine. Nestled between Midori's Floating World Cafe and El Nuevo Rodeo. We stopped there for a late lunch this past weekend.

I spoke with Adam Johnson, who seemed excited about opening a new business in our area. He served up our late lunch with a bunch of information about each dish. Also, they have Dr. Pepper, which rulz.

I ordered a classic Greek lentil soup for my lunch. It was earthy and warm with just a few veggies added for texture and flavor, with a twist of lemon on top. Gerg sampled a "fusion" dish - Mediterranean quesadillas. Of course, we split the Calypso Sampler - Hummus, Baba Ganouj, Falafel and Dolmathes served with tahini and feta cheese. The tahini and rice dolmathes were my favorites. gerg liked the hummus.

And in case you think the name for the restaurant is strange, check yourself. Calypso was a gorgeous nymph in Greek mythology. She made an appearance in Homer's Odyssey.

3009 27th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 724-8071

Johnson asked me to avoid the website since they want to update it, but I wanted to at least share the menu. THE MENU ON THE WEBSITE ISN'T COMPLETE. They have a dinner menu as well, offering seafood, lamb, chicken, vegetarian, etc. Veggie heads will love this place. Rest assured, the site will be updated. Wanna go? Johnson gave me some coupons. Hit me up.

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