The Future of Fine Dining in MPLS

gerg and I had a long conversation while we walked Lakota last night based on Andrew Zimmern's blog about fine dining in Minneapolis. We wonder where fine dining is headed in this city.

Will service and marketing need to improve to compete with a increase in creative neighborhood joints? Are people cooking at home more due to influences from the Food Network and the internet? Do we really WANT fine dining restaurants or do we just say we do?

Another point for us was how to define fine dining. We haven't developed a good definition. It's not just the food, the price, the view, the service. It's a combination of a bunch of stuff, and I haven't googled a good definition yet.

These kind of questions started (for us) with Seth Bixby Daugherty leaving Cosmos - followed up by Levain closing and wondering about Steve Brown's future in the Twin Cities. I became kind of attached to Steve Brown watching him at Iron Fork...something about those chartruese crocs and the way he cooked with such creativity and precision impressed me. Also, he won, which was likewise impressive.

Steve will be joining Andrew on Chowhounds on Saturday, Jan. 6 at 10am to discuss the future of fine dining in Minneapolis. Tune in to 100.3 fm to catch the conversation.


Reetsyburger said...


Steven Brown's voice was the sexiest voice on the show.

Was it just me? I didn't feel like I was endowed with additional insight from this saturday's program, compared to the blog (regarding the future of fine dining).

Glad to hear Steven Brown likes the seafood tacos at Sea Salt. : )

I'm still searching for a definition of fine dining.

Anonymous said...

That show sucks. Everytime I listen to it I swear its the last time.

Enduring 1.25 hours of advertisements for 45 minutes of actual show is retarded. Lynn Rosetto Casper's show, while not TC-centric, provides 1000% more content in thirty minutes than Chowhounds does in 2 hours.

No one asked Steven Brown any good questions. I sat on hold for 40 minutes listening to advertisement waiting to ask Steven what lessons he'd learned between Rockstar and Levain and what lessons he's learned in the weeks following Levain's closing. I'd also planned to ask him about the 3 best dishes he had last year.

Instead I got to hear him gush about Pineda's tacos and how great the Modern is. Yeah, I love tacos too and the Modern is probably my favorite restaurant in town, but seriously, where was the meat?

Utterly forgettable.

Reetsyburger said...

I hear ya, Foureyes.

gerg and I were laying there listening just wondering when we were finally gonna be able to hear Steven Brown really get into it. I wanted something for teeth sinking. I know I'm spoiled by the Current, cuz every commercial break became increasingly more annoying.

Like I said, in other words, I felt like I walked away without having learned anything that I hadn't already learned from the blog. I was totally hopeful that Andrew would give us more to chew on.

Reetsyburger said...

And now, Auriga is closing too.

Anonymous said...

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