These are a few of a pesactarian's favorite things....

Inspired by IIII and Rick Nelson, I decided to list my favorite 10 eats in the Twin Cities this year, from a pescatarian *wince* perspective. I'm a newcomer to Minneapolis, and I started eating fish (again) just over a year ago, so I've been going a little overboard with fish/seafood (especially scallops) in the Twin Cities. Don't pardon the pun.

(In no particular order)

Sweet Potato Risotto at Town Talk Diner: risotto prepared with sweet potato, swiss chard, aged jack cheese, pumpkin seeds, made with veggie stock, topped with pumkin seed oil.

Grilled Cape Neddick Sea Scallops at the Oceanaire: served in an american lobster sauce, with basmati rice pilaf and green beans amandine on the side, and baked alaska for dessert. Happy birthday to me!

The Yo-Yo Maki rolls at Origami: It's not on the menu, but it's blue fin. Omakase! with a tokkuri of Golden Haze (sake and Grand Marnier). This is my favorite sushi joint.

85% Chocolate Truffles from Legacy Chocolates: hand dipped truffles, all organic Venezuelan Criollo chocolate. This was food to Aztec warriors. Indulge.

Riverbend Farms Sunshine Squash Hand Pie from the Birchwood Cafe: squash prepared with roasted cipollini onion, aged goat cheese, watercress-apple salad served in a crust that is flakier than me.

Sea Scallop Appetizer at 112 Eatery: perfectly seared sea scallops served with oyster mushrooms. I almost cried with joy.

The Mimi Pizza at Punch: starts with a traditional neopolitan crust baked in a wood-fired oven; the crust is pulled out of the oven and then topped with fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, basil, olive oil, garlic. with a glass of Stella Artois.

Tuna Tartar at Azia: chopped sushi-ahi "stung" with wasabi with a ginger martini.

Seared Scallops at Willie's Wine bar: started with a parmesean crisp served with arugula, roasted bell pepper, and oragano, etc.; then seared scallops served with pea puree, mushroom, tomato, pickled shallot, and parmesan. with a glass of Cuvee Anne Laure.

I had a spectacular Enchilada with Seafood and Pepian at Masa: it was a sea bass (with shrimp and crab) enchilada, topped with pipian sauce, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. SO GOOD. There is a pic of it on their website when you open the page. See it?!?! So I called Michael at Masa to find out where my favorite enchilada went. "It's one of the originals," he said. Said I, "So you don't have it on the menu now? I'm devastated! It was SO good." "Nope," says he. Long story short, I've got the recipe!!! Lucky me!

Other meals of note:
-My first ever lobster dinner at McCormick and Schmick's Seafood
-The Capallini alla Caprese at Pazzaluna
-The french fries at Lurcat
-The Catfish Po'boy at Sea Salt
-A great piece of river trout at Lucia's

A kiss for gerg, for finding new places for us and for sharing these experiences with me. A big up yerself to IIII for many fabulous recommendations.


gerg said...

Now, when is the new Thom Pham endeavor going to open on east Lake?

gerg said...

Mix and Manhattan Martini Bar looks to be mid face lift. There is some new paint on the outside and the windows peering in on the dismantled Molly Quinn's have been totally blacked out. Maybe we can sneak a peek on a dog walk.

Reetsyburger said...

Here's a piece from the Strib detailing the 2!!! new ventures by Thom Pham in our neighborhood!

How exciting for the Longfellons!

Anonymous said...

You forgot chocolate covered crank.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll give up the recipe for the seafood enchilada at masa? SO disappointed to return there and find it gone after my first life altering experience of it. I asked around the restaurant and no one even knew what I was talking about...

Reetsyburger said...


I can offer you that recipe. But what can you offer me in return( a recipe perhaps)? Think of something good, and you got yerself a deal!