Sometimes my hip ain't so hip!

Last week I had a pain in my hip...for about 2 days.

I wanted to make sure nothing was afoot, since I intended to go snowboarding on Saturday with gerg and Monica and Brad (my sis and her squeeze). Thursday landed me at my new clinic on Hiawatha in the hands of Phyllis Russel. We talked about my hip, and then I went in for x-rays. Much to my dismay, my hips are exactly normal (I was hoping she'd find robot parts). So, all seems to be well with my hip. The pain has subsided.

With a clean bill of health, we voyaged out into the frigid 1 degree weather to hit the slopes at Afton Alps.

We paid $35 per person for lift tickets, and then I scored a deal on a private lesson with a french dude who was kind and patient. I was successful with getting on the board and riding and totally successful at wiping out; I was not so successful when it came to learning how to turn and stop. The good news is that because it was so cold, I was wearing 5 layers of clothing, which padded my falls. The other good news is that gerg is HAWT on the slopes! He was dominating the black diamond slopes; I thought it was uber sexy (that's him on the top left).

Rest was required on Sunday cuz my bones were aching from all the killer wipe outs on Saturday. We grabbed some brunch at Town Talk Diner with Jon and Aimee and later in the evening watched Little Miss Sunshine, which had us laughing by the end.

Golden Globes on Monday night! Hooray!

Best Director - Motion Picture
Martin Scorsese
The Departed

Best Motion Picture - Drama
Brad Pitt is so hunky!!

Best Television Series - Drama
Grey's Anatomy

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Helen Mirren
The Queen
Helen talked about how the real winner should be the queen herself cuz she's such as interesting character.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
Forest Whitaker
The Last King Of Scotland,
Forest was totally overwhelmed...could barely string 3 words together during his acceptance. Slightly adorable for an up-and-coming.

America Ferrera's acceptance speech for Ugly Betty was the best! All the skinny actresses crying in the audience...Either they were proud, or jealous of the fact that they've been starving themselves for years in order to win an award.

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Anonymous said...

A) That is a sexy x-ray. I don;t know whose it is, but its foxy.

B) All awards for anything should be won by Dom Deluise and/or Burt Reynolds

C) Snowboard and skiing are "teh radz". Gerg is hot.

C)Let the record show that skinny girls are sexy too!