Are We Are...all done? The Willis

Have you heard The Willis? "Bathtub, Lightbulb, Heartattack" fuggin RULZ.

From PlugInMusic: "The Willis emerged in December 2002 out of the monastic isolation of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and consists of longtime friends and periodic bandmates from, 'Congratulations on Your Decision to Become a Pilot,' and 'Cookie Bug,' just to name a few. The sound is pop inflected but resists sonic, tonal & rhythmic conventions with orchestral arrangements that don’t sacrifice the rock."

I received a note from frontman Steve McCabe this morning:

"hope all's well with you and the gang. we miss you rockers! we weren't totally sure what was up with the band for some time, as there was a movement afoot to salvage it without dean.... at this point, we've decided to stop for awhile, with the possibility of regrouping in the future. we're all great friends, and that won't change, so who knows... we'd probably consider doing an occasional show for the ultra-special occasion down the line, too.

love and rock,


There are awxum folks who will not/do not want to hear this news. We love The Willis! I have had hilarious and rokkin conversations about love for The Willis with: Brandi (taken at The Willis/Dallas Orbiter show at the Uptown), Binner (also taken at the Uptown show), Dallas Orbiter (my other favorite indie band), Crystal, Shanny, Paula...all of whom are fans. And I know there are tons more. I remember when The Willis played in MPLS with Dallas Orbiter at the Uptown. We danced. We screamed. I totally spazzed about Steve McCabe's guitar strings. I almost freaked my establishment that night. gerg twirled his drumstick during a pre-release tease of "Jetpack Dandies" and I swooned like a Scarlet Ohara, bryn and I screamed and jumped up and down, gerg's drum tipped over. We afterbarred at our house and someone ended up passing out on the studio floor.

Thanks for all those wild times, The Willis. The triple threat just won't be the same without you.


Here's a link to a Milwauke Journal Sentinel story about The Willis.

A story about The Willis from the Advance Titan student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. And another.

Click here to hear Missiles and see the video.


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