Food photos....what is it about them??

I enjoy taking photos of food. Sometimes extreme closeup photos of food.

Here's what I mean. These photos are a little strange. When I take them, I'm intrigued by the colors and textures of food. Afterwards, I think to myself that I'm kind of wierd.

MarkMartin cloving a ham

Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles

World's Largest Gingerbread house

broccoli Rabe with feta (from Ammos - NYC)


broccoli, king crab legs, and brandy old fashioneds

So I saw a tag for this wesbite and went to it cuz I was curious about how 200 calories would be displayed. But my greatest thrill was all of the goofy food pics. LOVE EM!

We ate at Rainbow Chinese on Friday night. I'm not a huge fan of Chinese food, but as far as Chinese goes, this is the place to go in Minneapolis. The big bowl noodle soup is a treat. There's a certain uniqueness about the food they serve that sets this place apart from common Chinese joints. One of the patrons sounded like the Beauregard: the custodian from the Muppet Show.

(612) 870-7084

After our Chinese dinner and some DVD Trivial Pursuit at Reed and Sarah's, gerg and I headed out for a long walk around 2am. We walked the bike path along the train bridge in Seward, and came 'round at the Anne Sullivan School parking lot. From a distance, gerg spotted a man on his knees in the parking lot. We couldn't make out exactly what the haps were, so we walked around the building to catch a closer look. Alone, on his knees, palms toward the sky, the man was praying - in the dark Anne Sullivan parking lot at 3am. I heard him say, "oh God" as we passed. So many stories sparked in my imagination that I could scarce fall asleep when we snuggled in for the night.

I also want to add that gerg made a mouthwatering, artery defying, alfredo sauce on Sunday night that was practically ecstacy. He added sauteed portobellos to the sauce and served a tangy tomato insalata on the side. I was busy photographing the new blooms on my forcing narcissus and noting their amazing fragrance. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw gerg add a stick of butter and a container of cream to the saucepan, among other ingredients. I thought to myself "that's gonna be NAUGHTY! and TASTY!"

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