Some Dish: Town Talk Diner

Sunday morning landed us at Town Talk Diner with gerg's parents for brunch. There, I had an opportunity to briefly chat with Town Talk partner Aaron Johnson about the mention in the Pioneer Press. I offered smiles and congrats.

As many know, gerg and I have loved this place since it opened, and at points were fearful about its future, what with the never-ending construction on Lake Street, and the relatively new location for this kind of enterprise. On Sunday, Aaron informed us that they've had a wait list for 5 days, and we don't doubt it. It's been packed for several weeks now, and while we're a little bummed that we can't just walk in any ol' time and sit down to three bartenders chatting with us about our landscaping, we are thrilled to have Town Talk succeed in our neighborhood, and now look forward to it sticking around for a long time. The staff remains cheerful, even though they're busy, and they consistently greet us with familiarity and friendliness. Aaron always manages a "good to see you" and a handshake.

So, here's the quote from the Pioneer Press that had gerg and I smiling: "Town Talk Diner partners Tim Niver, Aaron Johnson and David Vlach are looking to open a spot somewhere near their restaurant on East Lake Street. It will be more casual and less pricey than Town Talk, 'with more emphasis on lunch and less on dinner,' says Niver. Now, all they have to do is work out a few details, like finding a spot and coming up with the money."

Then this news from the same piece had us wondering...."He [Thom Pham] bought the former Molly Quinn's on Lake Street and is talking to Town Talk Diner partners Tim Niver, David Vlach and Aaron Johnson about turning it into an Asian-fusion spot. No contract has been signed, but they're all on the same page. 'I love those guys,' says Pham, 'and would love if somehow we could work together.'"

Rumor has it, some signing will take place as soon as this week! Watch the news for word of the Town Talk trio and Thom Pham partnering up for what we hope will be another amazing eatery in our neighborhood. Or perhaps (in my dreamworld), in addition to a delicious partnership, the Town Talk trio will open a third establishment??

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Town Talk Diner appearances in GQ Magazine and on the Food Network!


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