A different sort of adventure

Sometimes an angel's halo gets knocked all crooked-wise. It totally sukked when that happened at our house this week.

Gerg took a couple knocks this week. I'm glad to have him home again; he's healing surrounded by his own cuddle-y blankets and savoury homemade soup (instead of hospital food- EW!). Welcome home, gerg. Please stay for a long, long time.

I've got no restaurants to review this week - didn't visit any. No adventures out-on-the-town. Haven't really read anything about gadgets, Minneapolis, or other odd stuff. I've got a lot of love to give back to everyone who called, texted, visited, sent stuff, cared for Lakota, and offered love.

Highlights during a rather difficult week: Laura (gerg's nurse at Abbott Northwestern) was pleasant, kind, beautiful, and overall awesome - and the surgeons, docs, and staff were informative and friendly; I learned many new medical terms and organ functions - for instance, the spleen is important - who knew?; an AWESOME Timberwolves game on Friday night at the Target Center thanks to seville - bummer about the loss in double OT!; Saturday night's viewing of Stranger than Fiction with gerg's arm around me was bliss. Laughter is good medicine, especially a film about literature - we laughed, drank fruit punch, and noted the audience's audible fondness for Maggie Gyllenhaal's rant about government corruption and defense spending.

Know of any great NA concoctions? I'm looking to put Shirley Temples to shame.

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Anonymous said...

One part pineapple juice
One part cranberry juice cocktail
One part Reed's Ginger Beer

delicious and only like 300 calories a serving all from sugar!