Imogen tonight!

I remember the first time I heard Imogen Heap. It was a snowy morning in South Minneapolis. I was cuddled up in my boo's bed while he was getting ready for work; I flew up from Appleton to spend the weekend with him. I heard the song, "Hide and Seek" on the morning show on The Current. I was, and still am, SO enamoured with The Current. Listen to it, like, all the time. My poor Ipod misses me!

Anywho, gerg and I are going to First Ave tonight to see Imogen! He gave me the tix for my birthday way back in October, and I've been counting the days! I stored the tix safely in a Bailey's tin in the closet. Then we're off for a secret little getaway (check in next week for a review of the getaway)!!

This is me contemplating the show after having received the tix on my birthday.

So, we're off tonight to see the show and I know when I hear her sing "crop circles in the carpet" I'm gonna faint.

Also looking forward to Sarah and Mike's holiday bash accompanied by Tom and Jerry's, writing out holiday cards with my boo, and Punk Rock Bowling on Monday night to honor David's 30th year on earth!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the show.

Also, feel free to link to my blog since everyone already knows what I look like ;)

Anonymous said...

I love you Marie and all your enjoyments for the world! I love the life I live too!