Blind Folks Hunting

My boo sent me these links.

Texas wants it to happen.

It's already happening in Minnesota!

Brent seems like a cool guy, the kind of guy who just wants to continue doing something he's done his whole life.

But I just can't seem to reconcile the topic in my head.

Conversation with myself:

Me: "Okay, the visually impaired folks are accompanied by hunter with sight. See, reetsy? That makes it ok!"

Myself: "Dude, if you can't see what you're shooting at, you probably shouldn't shoot."

Me: "Someone who CAN see is helping you out."

Myself: "What if the blind hunter shoots the sighted hunter?"

Me: "Dude, blind hunter would be totally screwed."

Myself: "I'm gonna eat an apple and think about it some more."

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Anonymous said...

Wow chicka,
thats actually pretty funny. This just goes to show you that some people actually do read bulletins, and they do what it says. Yay me!!!