Dosing on Oxygen: Como Park Conservatory

HOLY FRIGGIN COLD!! gerg was feeling under the weather on Friday and Saturday night, which proved to be a blessing for my fingers and toes.

IIII had a genius idea to go to the Como Park Conservatory on Sunday. It was a first time visit for gerg and I. The warmth, humidity, oxygen, and green plants were good therapy. The conservatory opened in 1915; the zoo opened in 1897. A $2 donation is recommended upon entry.

With no sun in sight, we have turned paste-y - practically translucent.

It was wikked cold this weekend, so we bundled up and forced our car to start. IIII, Dre, gerg, cBass, and I walked around the conservatory for about 2 hours.

The new $2.1 million tropical encounters exhibit featured rainforest plants and freshwater stingrays, giant river turtles, frogs, toads, fish, free-roaming birds, and a sloth. From the website: "In the first month that Como Park Zoo and Conservatory's new exhibit, Tropical Encounters, was open more than 80,000 guests visited, an increase of over 250% from the same time period last year."

The collection of orchids in the palm dome was SIMPLY GORGEOUS. We had some fun with all the goofy palms.

Check out this wikked cool fig tree!

I loved the sunken garden. Stargazers everywhere!! We got to check out the 2007 Winter Flower Show. So many beutiful azaleas and cyclamen. It was awesome.

Then we headed over to the zoo to check out some primates. I was especially fond of the thoughtful looking Debrazza's Monkey. And the Western lowland Gorillas stopped us all in our tracks with their stoic posture and expressive faces.

On our way out, Dre and IIII pointed out the spot where IIII proposed to Dre. It was pretty cute!

Go here to view some of our pics (we have a ton more at home). I know IIII took a bunch too, so watch for his.

Headed over to the NE Bulldog with IIII, Dre, and fashion model Deedot to catch the SuperBowl. I cheered for the Colts, and they won, so that ruled. Highlights: Devin Hester for the first time ran an opening kickoff back for a TD, and Kelvin Hayden's picking of Grossman's crappy pass and subsequent 56 yard return for a TD.

Also, I liked the fennel fries at the Bulldog. TASTY!

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