Theme Songs Done Right

One of my all-time favorite theme songs is the Super Mario Bros theme song.

I've heard MarkMartin sample the ditty with the JazzOrgy, and it's hilarious.

Check out this wikked cool site! Homemade versions of the theme song: beatboxing flute, hand farting, and my personal fav is prolly the nerdy clarinet players...

...especially the chic rokking the Toad hat.

(Secretly I despise Toad and Princess. They seem to be Bowser's arch nemeses on Mario Kart).
I experienced a total cacophony of nuttiness when I played the videos simultaneously.

Other favorite theme songs: Mr. Belvedere, Doctor Who, Hill Street Blues, PitFall, Bump n Jump....there are more...a lot more.

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gerg said...

My favs:
Magnum P.I.
The Greatest American Hero
Contra (the game)