Scrapping Metal for Moola - an Unfortunate Fate for Statues

When I first read this article in the strib, my brain twisted. A vein bulged in my neck; one eye twitched. Have I turned into a junkie? No. I'm livid. TOTALLY PISSED OFF about the fuggin morons who took Theodore Wirth's legacy - tarred it, feathered it, chopped it up, and tried to sell it for scrap?!?!? The scrap yard refused to pay, and the thieves were apprehended. No one knows if the statues can be replaced yet.


They destroyed 2 statues valued at $10k each for a possible gain of $310. And that's just $ value - we all know the priceless value of art in public spaces. My first reaction: in the Twin Cities, what could they get with their dirty $310? a) tasting menus paired and wine flights at LBV, b) great tix to a show or sporting event, c) junk

It's not the first time a story has surfaced about folks stealing metal to sell for scrap in the Twin Cities. We know it's a problem around here...and even worldwide.

36 cast bronze botanical identification plaques stolen from North Mississippi Park.

Wherever you see (metal) scrapping, you'll see drug trafficking.

The Scrum for Scrap

Tougher Penalties for Scrap Thieves

photo by Ron Albertson
This statue which had resembled the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko was stolen and sold to a Burlington metal scrapyard in Canada.

When public park statues are chopped up, I get really pissed. First, it's not wire or pipe; it's art. Second, it's destroying the mark of the legacy of a philanthropist/hero/artist - someone who done good.

This is where my rage turns into sadness.

So (in the fashion of Pizza Man), I have written an open letter to the assholes who are stealing statues to sell for scrap metal.

Dear scrap metal thieves,

Do you realize the extent to which you are acting like complete shitheads!?!?!




Anonymous said...

This was the talk of our office on Tuesday. Same sentiments, only slightly less vulgar.

Anonymous said...

ok, first of all hi!! your funny and i cant stop reading...but i have an issue with your tone! i know the people who stole the statues. im NOT saying they were right for doing it, dont get me wrong, but you shouldnt judge them. minneapolis parks are not even safe enough to walk through anymore so whats the difference whether the statues are there or not?

Anonymous said...

go to hell

Reetsyburger said...

Anonymous #1,

Sorry if I came across as judgemental.

My intent was to express that chopping up public park statues pisses me off.

These individuals are entitled to feel however they choose about their actions.

Should they feel heroic, spaceage, saddened, high as a kite, drunk, or full of piss and vinegar, that is their business.

My business are my feelings of pissedoffness.

Thanks for reading, anonymous, and thanks for pointing out that somehow safer parks might make a difference in this equation.


Reetsyburger said...

Anonymous #2,

I'm game.
Care to join me?


Anonymous said...

I walk through Loring, Beltrami and Theo Wirth at light and during the day on a regular basis and never fear for my safety, so the contention that the parks aren't safe is BS. I enjoy public sculpture, I enjoy public art and I take pride in the fact that my city displays it so readily.

Secondly anonymous coward, your friends are likely a bunch of meth-heads trying to put together enough cash to buy some sudafed and a lightbulb. How pathetic. To deface something that belongs to us all to feed your depravity.

Might I suggest getting new friends that aren't complete losers?

Reetsyburger said...

david foureyes makes a point that I can't make.

Walking through parks isn't something I do much, since we don't have many in our neighborhood.

We have the awesome bike path which we frequent and Matthew's Park (no dogs allowed), and we often pass though Riverside Park, especially on the motorcycle.

I've never had the impression that these areas weren't safe.