Shake Your Booty

I don't write music reviews. Plain and simple. Here are a few mixes I've been rokkin while writing/driving/nail painting/plant watering/shoe polishing/cooking. I'm posting them cuz I know the peeps and I love their music.

Feel like strapping on some roller skates or dancing til the break of dawn? Let's get down. Listen to Attitude City.
Shake Your Rhombus
Bethany's Smash n Grab
Problemes DAmour

Feel like braining out? Get creative. Listen to IIII.
Fear the Future 2002
Late Summer

Feel destructive? Beat out your internal beast. Listen to Hecubus.
Records of Mass Destruction

Feel like being spooky and spaceage? Tap into the alien within you. Listen to JOHNb.
Seasonal Affective Disorder

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