My Hair Stylist Moved Closer to Me! CLOSER!!

So most chicks lament when their hair stylist moves. It's always this big ordeal trying to find someone that can handle one's BANGIN MANE.

Liz and I were just gabbing about her new mane. I think it's ultra-cute, and wish I had a pic of it. We both get our hair done by Jonny K, and I was mentioning how happy I was about Jonny's move to my neck of the non-woods. Jonny and Stephanie Kelson just opened their rad space on Franklin Ave at the Mezzanine Salon. Caitlin from Moxie Hair Salon & Art Gallery moved to Mezzanine as well.

I'm lifting some pics of their new space from their MySpace so you can see how wikked cool the new location is.

The lower level and lounge area.

The loft where Jonny rokks out my mane.

Mezzanine had their grand opening on May 5, 2007 featuring music from Arctic Universe and dj James Leonardo with an art installation by artist Jaron Childs.

Jonny is a rokker and a hair stylist. I think we all know how I feel about rokkers.

Being a rokker gives him a good sense of what I mean when I say, "I want hair that can be styled by a motorcycle ride." Or, in the case of the pic, a boat ride.