Public or Private?

I got my hair bangin' again at Mezzanine Salon on Wednesday.
It's huger than ever, and I love it. BIG HAIR 4_EVA!!!

While waiting for the color to set, I did the customary salon thing...I read trashy magazines.

Nike has been releasing some neat ads lately. Alexis found a "back at" sign for her door in Jane.

I found a Nike heat-transfer (iron-on patch) attached to an ad in Vanity Fair at the salon. It was kind of neat. I thought I could iron it on a golf towel or sumpin.

I almost ripped the patch out of the magazine, but I opted not to. Ultimately, I thought it would be stealing, since it wasn't my mag. And I didn't want it badly enough to ask Jonny if I could take it.

Although I've never been tempted at the library, I HAVE been the doctor's office, at the dentist, in the rip out a perfume sample, etc.

I've never done it, though, because I don't want to be an a-hole. I wonder if people even care, or if all those perfume samples land in the trash?

[where: 55406]


Minnesota Nice said...

Wow you are an honest upright citizen. I'll cross you off the list of suspects of whoever opened my car door last night and stole my Altoids last night. Yeah, that's all they took, Altoids. They left my complete set of "Best of the 80s" CDs alone.

Reetsyburger said...

It wasn't me. I have 3 too many tins of Altoids already!