When the Pack Attacks, I'll Chow a Brat

Anybody who reads or listens in Minneapolis knows that the Vikings are having SCADS of trouble selling their tix for this weekend's game.

Coming from Wisconsin, and being a generalized Packer supporter (albeit, not as die hard as some of my friends/family/fellow Wisconsinites), I found the situation shocking at first. This would never happen in Green Bay.

Evidence of my Packer Backing. This photo was taken at the Herkimer during the Packers vs. Vikings game last season.

Because I've been a fair weather Packer Backer in the past, and because I have never subscribed to the belief that I can't change, I vow that WHEN the Packers make it to the playoffs this year, I will eat a bratwurst with brat mustard and sauerkraut. During Brett Favre's entire career with the Packers, I have not consumed a brat. This is possibly sacrilegious. But it's about to become sacrilicious! I'm not promising where or when, but I will consume one...with a frosty mug of beer.

I figure if I'm gonna wade out of the delicious waters of fish and seafood, finding my way back to eating land animals again, I might as well start with what my ancestors ate. BRATS.

gerg feels good about the Packers and brats.

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We love the Reetz! Go Packers!