Devil Horns

Going through photos for the wedding, I stumbled upon this beauty.

This photo was taken the night gerg and I hooked up. It was Friday, October 14, 2005 in Oshkosh, WI - the day before my birthday. The expressions on our faces kills it.

Gerg plays drums for Dallas Orbiter, and they were in Oshkosh gigging out. I was out in my Halloween costume drinking with Eric, my beloved mermaid and partner in crime. I was supposed to be a lil' devil - thus, the red horns.

It was a hilarious night, for the record. I lost my pants at the Algoma Club, so I spent the night parading around downtown in lace ruffle boyshorts and fishnets.

My friend Eric's mermaid bra kept sliding off, and he singed the red wig later in the evening with a cigarette. The stench was God awful.

Jon (of Dallas Orbiter) borrowed my red and black cape and wore it during their show. Caped organ players are awesome.

I had the worst flu ever that weekend. Gerg ended up with the flu on Monday...He must've caught it from my devil horns. ; )

[where: Oshkosh, Reptile Palace, 54901]