I Dream of Jeannie...and "Gunky" Money

Who hasn't found $.25 in a pop machine or a dollar in the laundry? I once found $3 in a purse I bought at a resale shop. Finding money is cool, especially when you have no idea who lost it...then you don't feel bad about keeping it. I've never found a large ground score of dollars; I know my dad has probably found $25 in quarters from pay telephones.

But it's something else to find $17,000 in lost change.

While I'm on the topic of casinos....We went to New Glarus for Easter to visit some of gerg's relatives...truly a great group of people. When we headed back, we stopped at the Ho Chunk Casino, for a break from the 5 hour drive. What better way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ than with some nickel slots?!?! I had $6 in cash in my wallet, so I put $5 into a I Dream of Jeannie nickel slot machine. It's a little creepy playing this machine, cuz every 60 seconds or so, you'd hear Barbara Eden's voice say "Good job, Master!" or "Master, it's fun playing with you!" I guess I'm not into being called "Master", at least by Barbara Eden anyway. But I wasn't creeped out when I ran the max spins of the wheels each time, and hit it pretty big with a $250 win! As usual, the worst part is collecting the "gunky" money to cash it in. Touching all those coins really grosses me out.

Thanks Jeannie!

gerg hit the video poker machine and hit big with 4 aces for a win of about $175. He also taught me how to play in the process, but I didn't win anything there. No biggie! I was happy with my magical Easter Jeannie winnings.

A link to our Easter photos...

and a mysterious appearance of Buddy Jesus at Paula and John's Easter gathering.

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