My New Crush: IceStone

On many, but not all Thursday nights, gerg and I have a tradition. We come home from work, work on a project or walk the dog for awhile, make a tasty dinner, and watch the This Old House hour on PBS.

This Thursday night we had potato gnocchi served a vodka cream sauce laced with sauteed shallots, yellow bell peppper, broccoli, garlic, oregano, basil, sea salt, and black pepper. We used Ciroc vodka, cuz that's what was in the booze cabinet. Asiago and mozarella were also recruited for the dish. It was fantastic, and in case you didn't know, vodka sauce is my favorite of all pasta sauces.

The Austin House Project on This Old House has been particularly intriguing because of the "green" renovation they undertook. From the windows, to the raingutters, the landscaping to the photovoltaic cells on the roof, this project has been SO INTERESTING. And then, last night, during the middle of a delicious bite of vodka sauce, I saw it. My new crush: IceStone.


This Old House travelled to the factory where it is made. It is the most beautiful countertop surface, and it's made from recycled glass. Add some mirror flakes to the glass mix, and NOW you're in business.

I've mentioned before that I'm a "sustainability gal." I work fulltime for the USDA on a sustainable agricultural research grant program. I was raised with the concept, in organic gardens watered with captured rain water. Our first computer was purchased with $ saved from collecting and recycling alumimum. It was the 80s, and this wasn't cool, but it's how I was raised.

IceStone uses recylced glass for their VOC-free countertops. The mother of pearl shells they use are sustainably harvested. Hell, even their facility is day-lit. But the best part is the beauty of the surfaces they create without ripping the earth open.

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