What's that Ringing in my Ear??

When I turned 25, my friend qbert took me to get my ears pierced for the first time.

For the first couple of years, I had like 3 pairs of earrings. I just didn't really get into it that much. gerg bought me my first-ever diamonds for Christmas in 2005, which I'm rokking in this photo with my dad.

Recently, I've found some pretty crucial earrings and have kind of started getting into the whole earring "thing". It's as if I'm making up for lost time with earrings I missed in my youth; I love the kitsch styles - from the 80s especially. Not pictured are my crucial tassle earrings that gerg bought for me at the Walker, my assymetical cowboy boot earrings, and my new FAVORITE lightning bolt earrings.

Yellow Robots (with movable arms and legs!)

Vintage Lucite Earrings

Huge Heart Hoops

Mirrored Skulls with Bows

Guitar Picks with Robots and 80s charms


Vintage Reddy Kilowatt

I have no idea where this collection is going to go. So far I've managed to avoid the customized bling, which is a difficult task, what with my passion for OTT hip hop style.

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gerg said...

She got earrings with little dangling hammers too! Me thinks she's after my heart.